7 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Comfort This Winter

A cozy home is a comfortable home – especially in the winter. To create a cozy retreat from the inevitable cold weather of the season, consider incorporating small accents and layers throughout the home. Take a look at these affordable ways to increase your home’s comfort this winter, without breaking the bank during holiday gift season:

Add a curtain wall
Create an accent wall in the bedroom or living room entirely of curtains. The excess fabric against the wall adds a creative flair and a cozy appeal.

Add a seating area in the bedroom
If space allows, add a seating area to a corner of your bedroom. For an even cozier feel, incorporate a lamp and blanket, too!   

Layer blankets and pillows
Blankets and pillows are the very definitions of cozy and comfortable. Layer a colorful throw or decorative pillow over your living room couch to incorporate the colors of the season while increasing the overall appeal.  

Create a reading nook
Do you have a window seat or a small corner that you can transform into a reading nook? If so, do it. A reading nook is a great location to cozy up with a blanket and cup of coffee while enjoying the newest best-selling release of the season.

Faux fur
Fuzzy and faux-fur accents can instantly up any rooms comfort factor. Consider adding fuzzy or faux-fur blankets, pillows and rugs throughout your home.

String Lights
Magical and appealing, string lights are a great addition to the bedroom.    

Use the fireplace
Light your fireplace – nothing will make your home feel cozier. For an extra touch, add some wood to the side of your fireplace.

A cozy, warm and inviting atmosphere is a welcome feeling to family and friends during the holiday season– or, potential buyers, if you are considering selling your home this winter.

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